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13 June 2018
 Ini Dia 5 Makanan Yang Baik Untuk Berbuka Puasa

TRIBUNNERS - In the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims practice fasting for one month.

We are often advised to break the sweet with fruits or light snacks.

Sweet dishes that are consumed when breaking the fast is important because it can help replace the deficiency of blood sugar levels during fasting.

Dr. Kaseem Halmar from the University of Warwick explained that the body needs an energy source that is produced from the intake of carbohydrates that are converted to sugar by insulin.

But it is also necessary to know that there are limits to eating sweet foods and drinks, which are 5% of the total calorie intake.*

Here are some delicious sweet dishes for consume when break fasting :

  1. Compote
    One of this sweet dishes most often served with banana inside. But it is not uncommon to add variaety of fruits in to it like sweet potatoes, coconut also zalacca seeds.
  2. Cendol
    Cendol is kind of typical Sunda drink that made from rice flour, served with ice also liquid brown sugar and coconut milk. Peoples like the sweetnest and tasteful taste, cendol being most choice for break fasting.
  3. Porrige Candil
    Porrige candil made from gluitinous rice flour that boiled with brown sugar and served with coconut milk.
  4. Porrige green bean
    Porrige green bean most often being appetizer dishes because high level of amino acid, that can be as alternative protein source. Bised that, the sweet and unique flavor can being add value
  5. Ice Cream

    Ice cream can be a option dishes for break fasting. Beside that the sweet flavor, a refreshing cold effect will inspire our taste.

    Dr. Matthew Lantz Blaylock, PhD, a nutritional scientist, explained that there are no negative affect consume ice cream for break fasting.

    From nutritional content, ice cream contained sugar, fat cream, milk protein, that likes the other foods can help fulfill nutritional content during fasting.

    One of ice cream that can be the option is Joyday Jujube White Chocolate. This delicious ice cream from Joyday is unique because contained Jujube fruit (Red Dates), in bandage delicious white chocolate so that fits as break fasting dishes.

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By: Malvyandie Haryadi (editor)

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