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Enjoy worry-free snacking with Joyday.

24 August 2020
 Bikin ngemil bebas worry dengan Joyday


Who agrees that if you are bored at home, it is a good time to eat ice cream, don’t you think?

Especially in times of busy online schooling or working at home, yes, we definitely want to keep snacking. But, have you ever thought that the ingredients of the ice cream we eat are safe or not? How is the production process? Do you ever wonder and worry?


Just calm down. Joyday ice cream is definitely safe! Because Joyday ice cream uses milk and quality ingredients with international standards, and has also passed certification from BPOM! No wonder it tastes really good and of course it's not enough to just eat one.


And most importantly, for those of you who are wondering if Joyday ice cream is safe to eat? Worry no more, Joyday has guaranteed halal because it has passed the halal certification at LPPOM MUI. Not only the products, but also the manufacturing process. Joyday already has a 100% HALAL certificate from LPPOM MUI, so you no longer need to worry about Joyday’ safety, you can continue to eat the delicious Joyday ice cream. 


Now you don’t have anything to worry about, let’s buy your favorite Joyday ice cream at the nearest stores, minimarkets, supermarkets and also your favorite e-commerce.

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