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Joyday released a unique variant, Mulberry Red Velvet

27 March 2020


On February 14th, during Valentine's Day, Joyday returned with its new and innovative variant: Mulberry Red Velvet. It tastes like no other and full of surprises. You can find layers of flavor on every bite, with a blend of sweet and sour flavors, also soft and crispy texture. 

It has a delicious mixture of mulberry ice cream; lemon sauce; chocolate with chocolate biscuit crumbs; covered in white chocolate and red velvet biscuit crumbs; and certainly gives a surprise taste to each bite that make you even more #JoyDeh.

Since 2018, Joyday continuously innovating various unique ice cream variants, with a total of 20 flavors now. Joyday will continue to innovate more ice cream flavors that are not only unique, but of course delicious.

You can buy Mulberry Red Velvet in your favorite e-commerce, such as Tokopedia, JD.ID, Shopee, and Alfacart, as well as supermarkets like Hypermart, Yogya and Alfamidi Super. Don’t forget to try other variants of Joyday and make your day even more #Joydeh!

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