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21 November 2019

Hey Joy Peeps! 

Did you know the news about Joyday’s roadshow to a lot of schools in Indonesia to introduce yummy variants of Joyday ice cream that sparks joy? And can you spot your school in the roadshow? You need to check this out.

Previously on 2018, Joyday roadshow has reached 50 locations across 4 cities in Indonesia. Start from Jakarta, Tangerang, Bandung and then last but not least: Cirebon. While we are working on introducing the unique flavors of Joyday, we are having fun at the local CFD with our lovely Joy Peeps! Now, that is something worth to remember: free ice cream, fun games, and cute photobooth. Which activity do you like the most? Well, we could tell by the numbers of Joy Peeps queueing for the photobooth. Don’t you Joy Peeps think so? 

To bring the blast of 2018 success, on this year, we even bring more joy to our Joy Peeps. That’s right, because we love you! And 2019 is the year our relationship get stronger. We had fun events from August and it won’t stop, you hear that, we can’t stop to celebrate with you until the month of November. This year we come to 6 big cities in Indonesia. From Bandung, Bali, Makassar, Surabaya, Semarang and Palembang. Schools, hangout places, cafes, and CFD areas, we make joy in places only for you, Joy Peeps. So far, 50 locations across the cities and have you joined in one of our events of joy? Share the moments you had with us on Instagram and don’t forget to tag us with you. We would love to see each and everyone of our Joy Peeps. 

More activities, more fun, and this year we had free Joyday ice cream, mini games, modified photobooths, JoyDance challenge with great prizes and we are so thrilled to see the joy in everyone who participated. From Joy Peeps who are pro at dancing, and even you who just started to dance on the event, we salute you for your courage! We are so happy to see you and thank you for loving us, Joyday ice cream, until this very day. 

We can’t wait to meet you again in 2020! See you Joy Peeps and don’t forget, one (or more) Joyday ice cream a day, keeps you joy all day! 

Love, Joyday.

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