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Red Bean, The Little One Who Makes Youthful

13 April 2020
 Seribu Manfaat Kacang Merah Buat Tubuh Kamu

Red bean are often found in various types of food that we eat every day, such as vegetables to the dessert menu. Despite its small size, red beans actually have many benefits for your body. Here are the benefits:


1. Prevent Premature Aging


Kidney beans have high antioxidants compared to other beans. This antioxidant is useful to ward off free radicals and prevent damage to cells in our body. This is suitable for you who want to always look younger!


2. Increase Endurance


In addition to preventing premature aging, the antioxidant content of kidney beans can also increase the body's immune system. This is what can destroy foreign substances in the body that cause disease.


3. Maintaining Heart Health


Kidney beans are rich in mineral content such as calcium, folic acid, and magnesium, which can suppress homocysteine ​​levels. Homocysteine ​​itself is one of the triggers for coronary heart disease.


Good news for all of you, Joyday now has a Red Bean ice cream variant. You can also feel the sensation of genuine red bean grains in every bite. Try to imagine! The goodness and benefits of red beans mixed with creamy milk, make Joyday Red Bean more delicious.


You can buy Joyday Red Bean variants at the nearest store or supermarket. Or you can order online. Try it yourself and feel the yummy sensation in every bite without worrying!

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