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End of year holiday with 2 new variants of Joyday!

11 December 2020
 Liburan akhir tahun bareng 2 varian baru es krim Joyday!

Hi Joypeeps! 

Can’t believe it's already December! Christmas and New Year holidays will be coming soon. Even though this holiday we still have to stay at home so that we are always safe and healthy, we can still make the atmosphere of the year-end holiday even more full of surprises with 2 new ice cream variants of Joyday!

Joyday recently has 2 new variants that have layers of surprises! The first one is Joyday Choco Circle for those of you who are chocolate lovers. The combination of vanilla ice cream is not only delicious, but also covered in two layers of Joyday chocolate that tastes no doubtedly appetizing. Can you imagine all that crunchiness and creaminess when you dig directly into the ice cream? Must be full of surprises!

It’s not Joyday if it isn't full of surprises. Therefore we have another new taste of Joyday for those of you who are really hype and up to date. Introducing Joyday Crunchy Matcha Cheese! The taste of the matcha ice cream is super delicious yet blends perfectly with the cheese; imagine all the layers of deliciousness! Perfect for you, matcha cheese lovers 😍

These 2 new Joyday variants are definitely a must-have for accompanying your long vacation at home, along with your favorite Korean drama or any other movies in your weekend-list, or even while hanging out with your loved ones. You can get these 2 Joyday variants at nearby stores, minimarkets, and supermarkets in your city. Or you can get it on your favorite e-commerce sites. The ice cream is guaranteed not going to melt until it arrives on your doorstep. If you already try these new ice creams, don't forget to take some photos, and upload them on your Instagram and tag us @Joydayicecream.


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