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Holiday at home with Joyday can get you a cool cellphone!

22 October 2020
 Liburan ala Joyday di rumah bisa dapet handphone kece!

Hi Joypeeps! 

We lost count on how many days we went school at home because of the pandemic which hasn't ended yet. I really miss the vacation air, especially going to the beach. Now you can only take a virtual vacation, looking at last year's vacation photos :(

Yes, even though now you can only vacation at home, but you can still bring holiday vibes to your house. It's really easy, just prepare the Joyday Cool Series package! You know, how come?

Of course you can, the various kinds of flavors from the Joyday Cool Series package can make you feel like you're on vacation to your dream place. There are various exciting flavors such as Joyday Cool Pineapple whose milk and pineapple flavors make you feel relaxed. After that, there is Joyday Cool Peach with a mixture of peaches and crunches which is really fun, it's like having a picnic in a really cool flower garden! Don't miss other exciting flavors like Joyday Cool Hawthorn Berry, Joyday Cool Mango and Joyday Cool Blueberry which are no less delish!

And you know what? You can get a cool Samsung Galaxy A01. How? It’s really easy! 


  • Post your best vacation at home picture with the Joyday Cool Series. 

  • Then upload it on your Instagram and tag @Joydayicecream. 

  • After enjoying the Joyday ice cream, which is as fresh as it is fresh, you can also have the opportunity to win a cute cellphone for you! 

You can check Joyday's Instagram for more information.

Let’s buy the Joyday Cool Series ice cream on Tokopedia and your favorite e-commerce . After that, don't forget to join the #LiburanAlaJoyday activity on Instagram! There are attractive prizes like Samsung A01, Electronic Money, and exciting merchandise from Joyday waiting for you!

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