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Have a Great Holiday Season at Home with Joyday

23 June 2020
 Liburan di Rumah Anti Mati Gaya ala Joyday

Hi Joy Peeps!
Day 999 #DiRumahAja, how are you guys doing? :)

Because of Corona, we really have no idea what to do, right? School from home, work from home, even our beloved Idulfitri moment had to be spent at home with no mudik and faraway from our big family in our hometown. 

But even if we have to stay at home, who says we can not have a joy day? During this holiday season, there are plenty of activities you can do at home, Joy Peeps!

  1. Video Call
    Usually, we chat and call, now why don’t you fulfill your feeling of how much you miss your friends, girlfriends, family, or your crush through video call. It’s time for technology to make the distance feel closer. So fun isn’t it to see the expression of someone you like even though he/she does not have the same feeling for you :(
  2. Movie Marathon
    This is a must-have agenda on holiday season, Joy Peeps! Set a watch list: from new movies, Korean movies, pending series, to Indosiar soap operas (if you prefer). Just don’t forget to have Joyday ice cream as your perfect companion to make your movie marathon more exciting because #RasanyaJoydayBikinJoyDeh.

    Watching romantic movies? Having Crunchy Choco Malt can make the story even sweeter. For those who like to watch thriller movies, go grab Mulberry Red Velvet and feel the surprises in every bite. And don’t forget to have Crunchy Choco Blueberry to join you while watching comedy. 

    Best of all, you can get all these 3 variants in the Joyday Golden Series package, Joy Peeps! You can click here to order now:
  3. TikTok
    Even though it's a holiday you can’t just lay down all day doing nothing. A little bit of body movin’ is needed. So grab your smartphone, open TikTok, join whatever challenge you like, ask your family members to join, share it to your social media, who knows if it’s going to be viral?! Haha.
  4. Joy Package
    There are many who become stuck and stressed because of this pandemic and staying at home situation, Joy Peeps! Don’t be one of them! Instead, why don’t we help to spread JOY and happiness for those who we care a lot without even leaving the house? 

    How? Send them Joyday Ice Cream which you can order online; TokopediaShopeeBlibliAlfacart, JD.ID, and Bukalapak. They must be happy! You don’t need to worry about the ice melting, guaranteed safe. Click here to choose your favorite online shop:

Well, there are many ways to keep us JOY at home, right, Joy Peeps?! Just make sure your Joyday ice cream stock at home is safe and don’t forget to follow Joyday on Instagram @joydayicecream to find out the latest info, promos, and quizzes with prizes.

Stay safe, stay healthy, Joy Peeps!

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