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Sing with Joyday ice cream and get iPhone 12 Pro!

09 January 2021
 Nyanyi bareng es krim Joyday bisa dapet iPhone 12 Pro!

Happy new year 2021, Joypeeps!

Wow, it’s already 2021... Even though we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, hopefully we will always be healthy.

Talking about the new year, we bet many of you Joypeeps out there used to love hangout and karaoke during new year celebration, right? Who misses karaoke, because we miss it a lot! Karaoke with friends is indeed really the most exciting thing to do with family and friends! Sadly, we still can't get together due to this pandemic, so we can't do those things together yet with our friends.

But don't you ever feel sad for too long! Joyday has some fun activities already prepared for you and your friends who really miss singing and having fun together. You can join the #SurpriSingJoyday challenge on Tiktok with many exciting prizes waiting for you! Not only we got a grand prize of 1 iPhone 12 pro, there are also 2 PlayStation 5, 3 Samsung Galaxy Tab, and 10 Antam Gold that can be yours if you join this challenge!

Suddenly got super excited in joining this challenge? Be hurry to follow @joydayicecream on Tiktok and join the #SurpriSingJoyday challenge! You can take part in this challenge from January 21, 2021 to March 15, 2021! Don't forget to also prepare your favorite Joyday ice cream to make it even more exciting, you can immediately get the special package here. Let’s join the challenge, and make as many videos as possible so that you have even more chances to win! Don't forget to invite your friends too 😊 #BerlapisKejutannya


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