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The new taste of Joyday that keeps your spirit!

21 September 2020
 Rasa baru Joyday yang bikin kamu semangat terus!

Hi, Joypeeps! It's been a long time since we did school from home and our boredom had reached its climax. Let’s hope the pandemic passes quickly so that we can freely meet our friends at school and study together.


Because we are studying at home, snacks are a must to keep us company, so that we are not sleepy and bored when we are studying. Especially if we get the afternoon schedule of online school, of course, we need snacks that can keep up our spirits.


So, Joyday has a new variant which is the Cool Watermelon Apple variant that can keep your spirit ON! It is very suitable for accompanying us through online school at home. There is a taste of watermelon that makes your eyes immediately wake up because of the sweetness that does not lie. plus the taste of the apple which is immediately spoiled, makes you can't stop eating it.

Are you curious about what it tastes like? 😍 Get ready to feel comfortable with the new Joyday variant. You can find the ice cream at the nearest shop, minimarket, supermarket in your city, or your favorite E-commerce. Don't forget, if you've tried the ice cream, upload the photo on your Instagram, don't forget to tag on Instagram @Joydayicecream.

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