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Layers of fun of the new flavors of Joyday!

05 November 2020
 Serunya berlapis-lapis bareng rasa barunya Joyday!

Who has been eating snacks since at home? We get bored at home and need something fun and fresh. Especially if the weather is too hot, it makes you want to eat various flavors of ice cream that make you really fresh. Do you agree, guys?


Well, for those of you who want to eat ice cream with various flavors and are suitable for eating during lunch, Joyday has a new taste, called Frutti Frizz! In 1 pack of ice cream, there are 4 pieces of ice cream that you really have to try. There are flavors of Apple, Pineapple, Strawberry and Grape which are delicious and fresh, no need to ask anymore! And Frutti Frizz is certainly full of surprises in every bite. In addition, you can eat this ice cream with your family, or by yourself!


Are you really curious about the taste?. This new variant can be found in stores, minimarkets, supermarkets nearby and also your favorite E-commerce. Don't forget, if you've tried Frutti Frizz, upload the photo on your Instagram, don't forget to tag us on Instagram @Joydayicecream.


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