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Apologize in More Joy with The Joyday Ramadan Package #MaafnyaBerlapis

19 April 2021
 Serunya Minta Maaf dengan Paket Ramadan Joyday #MaafnyaBerlapis

Marhaban Ya Ramadan! Happy fasting to all Joypeeps who celebrate.
Ramadan is a good month for us to contemplate, Joypeeps. Realizing our mistakes so that we can become better humans and back to fitri on Eid #Tsaaah

While realizing our mistakes, oh no just you, I'm a good boy! Hehe. Joyday has a Ramadan package that matches your faulty character. Which one are you? Check this out:

Maafin Plis Package 
Contents: 20 ice cream
Price: IDR 80,000
This package is perfect for those of you who often cause problems with your partner, or your crush, or those who (apparently) don't have the same feeling as you :'(. For those of you who like to say "whatever" when asked "what to eat?", replied "It's okay" when asked "what's wrong with you?", just say sorry and buy this package. Buy it here:

Ampuni Hamba Package
Contents: 30 ice cream
Price: IDR 100,000
This package is for those of you who like to make mistakes with older people. It is for you who don't say ‘excuse me’ when you pass in front of them, pretend you don't hear when you are asked for help, or those of you who usually ask for money say it's for school purposes even though it's used to buy your crush an iPhone 12 (crazy!). Apologize and buy this package, here:

Sori-Sori Package
Contents: 15 ice creams
Price: IDR 60,000
This package is for people who are annoying because somehow these people are destined to be there at the wrong time. It is them who ask for a bite when there's only a bite left. It’s like the parking man who appears out of nowhere when we leave the minimarket. It’s also them who said "yes, we can do this!” when people are rushing out at work, PLEASE DON'T! Go buy this package and say sorry. Buy it here: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

What's more exciting is that you can write a special message for anyone you want to send this Ramadan Joyday Package #MaafnyaBerlapis. Just write your message on the note before checking out the order!

Let's make this Ramadan even more exciting with the #MaafnyaBerlapis Package from Joyday that is #BerlapisKejutannya!


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