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Let’s go traveling with Joyday!

16 March 2021
 Yuk traveling bareng Joyday!

Joypeeps! Joyday has something exciting for you this month! For those of you who miss traveling to Thailand, Joyday got you covered!.

Now, Joyday has three new ice cream variants with really unique Thai flavors! For you who really like Thai Tea, Joyday has the taste of Thai Tea Grass Jelly! The combination of authentic Thai Tea combined with lots of grass jelly is  definitely one of a kind sensation.

Who likes Durian, the King of Fruit? Now you can taste the sweetness of Thai Durian on Joyday King Durian! And don't miss Joyday Cool Tropicana. The combination of creamy coconut milk, cendol, and real jackfruit is refreshing and perfect for any kind of occasions!

You can get this Joyday Taste of Thailand variant at the nearest shops or supermarkets in your city, or you can order through Shopee with free shipping, and your ice cream is guaranteed safe to your home! So what are you waiting for?, Let’s buy the latest Joyday variant and enjoy the Thai taste sensation from home!


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