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Greetings from PT. Green Asia Food! We bring the delight of JOYDAY ice cream to Indonesia. 

For your joyful information, we only use real milk and high quality ingredients to meet international product standards. Our products are also certified halal by the Islamic law and food & drug association. We ensure that in every bite of JOYDAY, you get a mouthful of joy as our main ingredient. 

JOYDAY believes our world would be a much better place when everyone experiences great joys from little things. This inspires our tagline JOYDAY MAKES JOY (JOYDAY bikin joy deh) which we apply to all our communications. 

Our continuous goal is to strive and innovate our JOYDAY flavors so no other ice cream brings you the same joyful taste like JOYDAY does. Now is the time for you to feel the joy of JOYDAY ice cream.