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Privacy Policy

PT. Green Asia Food Indonesia is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Statement underscores the type of information collected by PT. Green Asia Food Indonesia on this site, and how we use and protect that information. This statement also tells you what to do if you do not want to share your personal information when visiting our site, and how you can change the information you have provided to us. This Privacy Statement is only valid for this site. For example, does not apply to banners, prize competitions, and advertisements or promotions on sites owned by other third parties that we sponsor or where we participate in them.

(i) Your acceptance of this Privacy Statement

By using our site, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement as we have published here. If you do not agree to any of the terms of this Standard, please do not provide your Personal Information (as defined below) on this site. You can not provide information about anyone else on this site without their consent. If you choose not to provide your Personal Information on this site, you may not be able to do certain things, such as access to certain areas of the site, participate in lottery or contest programs, submit sample requests, or email us.

(ii) Collection of Personal Information

As stated in the Privacy Statement, "Personal Information" means personally identifiable information such as your name, street address, telephone number, credit card information and e-mail address. The site you are entering may request some or all of these Personal Information types. Rest assured that PT. Green Asia Food Indonesia will not solicit any Personal Information from your visit to our site unless you provide this information voluntarily. When you provide Personal Information to us, you authorize us to use the information in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Statement.

The site you are entering may also request Personal Information from you about a third party (for example, the site may allow you to send an electronic 'postcard' to a friend, in which case we will need the person's name and email address). Please keep in mind that we use such information only for certain purposes (eg for postcards) and we will no longer contact such third parties by electronic mail unless and until such third party contacts us.

(iii) How We Use Your Information

When you provide Personal Information on this site, we will use it for the instantaneous purpose on which the information is requested (for example, to include you in a promotion or send you samples). Such information may also be used to send you information and / or offers about our merchandise and or services that we believe will be of interest to you. We can also ask you if we can share it with other companies in PT. Green Asia Food Indonesia and other carefully selected companies that may want to send you information and / or offers regarding their merchandise / services. However, you may also choose to expel this kind of contact in the future.

Sometimes we may use third parties to process or analyze the data we collect on our site, including Personal Information. In addition, if you order products or services from us, we may share Personal Information with suppliers and other third parties to enable delivery of products or services. This third party is not permitted to use your Personal Information in any other way. Currently, this site is managed by a manager contracted by PT. Green Asia Food Indonesia. This Manager is bound by the contract to implement measures to protect your personal data and process it in accordance with the approval of PT. Green Asia Food Indonesia. By submitting your personal data through this website, you agree that the data will be processed by the manager on behalf of PT. Green Asia Food Indonesia. Lastly, please keep in mind that we may release your Personal Information if required by law or by a search warrant, judgment or court order.

(iv) Any Other Information We May Collect

You may have heard of "cookies" which are files or chunks of information that your browser stores on your computer's hard drive. PT. Green Asia Food Indonesia may use cookies to collect other information during your visit to our site, such as the specific areas of the site you visit and the services you use through our site. We collect this information to tailor our sites and products to better suit your interests and needs. Cookies can also be used to help speed up your future activities on our site. For example, a site may recognize that you provide Personal Information to us and not ask for the same information a second time. Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. If you prefer, you can set your browser to refuse cookies or notify you when a cookie is sent. The disapproval of cookies on the sites you are entering may cause inability to visit certain areas of the site or to receive personal information when you visit the site

In addition we are constantly working to improve how we promote our site. In order to help us do so, we may measure the effectiveness of our site presence by determining when you click on to our site. Site measurement statistics can be used to personalize your experience in our site search, as well as to evaluate - anonymously and in an average - statistics on site usage. Information about your computer, such as your IP address (the number assigned to your computer whenever you browse the internet), the type of Internet browser and the type of operating system you use may also be collected and linked to your Personal Information. This is to ensure our site presents the best web experiences for visitors, and that they are an effective information resource.

Some of the pages you visit may also collect information through the use of pixel tags (also called clear gifs) which can be shared with third parties that directly support the promotion and development activities of PT Green Asia Food website. For example, site usage information about visitors to our site could be shared with our third party advertising agencies in order to better target the banner of internet ads on Joyday sites. Information collected through the use of this tag pixel can not be personally identifiable, however, it may be linked to your Personal Information.

Finally, we may supplement the information you provide, with any other information we have received and / or obtained from third parties. We do it for marketing purposes to deliver products and services that are more targeted to meet your needs.

(v) Information Security

We take reasonable precautions to ensure the security of your Personal Information. All personally identifiable information is subject to access restriction arrangements to prevent unauthorized access, modification, or misuse.

(vi) Changes to Our Statement

PT. Green Asia Food Indonesia reserves the right to change or delete this Privacy Statement in accordance with our policies. We will publish each new Statement here, and we encourage you to continue to visit this area to keep up-to-date.